Ben Simon’s Testimonials & Awards

What can I say about Ben that hasn’t already been said? The first meeting with Ben sold us on having him teach our young lady guitar. He was professional and personable and promised he’d do his best to share his passion for music with her. He did this and so much more…he fostered her love for guitar and she blossomed into a wonderful player very quickly, now even composing her own songs. So how do you sum up a teacher like this? One amazing young man who cares so much about his students and shares his passion through his teaching abilities…never mind his infectious laugh and smile! Keep up the great work Ben! Your recent award nominations are a true testament to the great business you’ve built to help teach our town how to love music as much as you do!

Tracy Codling


So I bought my first guitar a few months ago. A cool sounding electric. I thought being an intelligent adult I could Google guitar lessons and teach myself. Wrong! With so much out there I found I suffered from information overload, didn’t know what to practice or work on, was all over the place and ended up with more and more unanswered questions! Then I found Ben. I’ve been taking lessons from him for about a month and a half. I’m amazed at the difference it has made. He has provided guidance and structure that has allowed me to stay focussed, particularly in my practice time. Ben is a very personable, easy going guy. His teaching style is relaxed and non intimating. For me he has turned what originally was quickly turning into a frustrating chore into a great experience. I’m now having a blast playing my guitar. I would highly recommend anyone any age pick up a guitar and give Ben a call. My experience has been and is fantastic. I’m sure you or your kids will find the same thing with Ben!!!

Glenn Dart


I usually don’t waste my time writing reviews, but this guy is deserving of it. Ben is a professional at his trade, works amazingly with my 6 year old son, and his prices are great for private lessons. My son looks up to him and is excited to see him every week. As a teacher myself, I naturally observe how others teach, and Ben was born guitar teacher. You won’t be disappointed with him, and your kid will have a blast learning from him as mine does. After all, his philosophy is “as long as they have fun and learn something new at each session, I know I’m doing my job.” I give this guy a 10!

Shayna Goldman-Corapi


Ben’s extremely talented and down to earth. I can’t thank him enough for the dedication and time he has taken in lessons and behind the scenes to help support and guide my daughter with her continued passion in not only guitar, but music as a whole. The quick responses and ability to make lessons happen not to mention going out of his way to make sure our weekly lessons can happen. He definitely has gone above and beyond for us and I am truly thankful for that. He is an inspiration, extremely positive , hard working and truly has a gift with kids. Highly recommend!!!!

Erin Cottingham


O.E.C.T.A. AWARD (2011) 



The award is given to a graduating student who has been involved in either band or vocal during their study at Holy Trinity Catholic High School
(b) involved in any of the following activities outside of school: music lessons, choirs, sings or plays instrument at church or in band (proof of participation is required)
(c) been involved in musical endeavours at HTCHS 


Received the highest grade (95%) in Human Computer Interaction for the Winter semester of 2015.
“The study of human-computer interaction incorporates ideas from computer science, behavioural science, and design to improve interaction between people and computers. Core topics include multidisciplinary, intuitive design, computer-supported co-operative education/ work, ubiquitous computing, prototyping, collaboration, social interaction, augmented reality, haptics, heuristics, interfaces, workstation independence.”


Received the highest grade (97%) in Electronic Music Production for the Fall semester of 2015.

“Students learn the basics of software music production, generate one or more pieces of music, and explore the media critically in discussions of both theoretical and practical texts. Music and songwriting skills will be developed in conjunction with software learning.”

Nominated for Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award [Bradford Board of Trade] (2016)/(2017)/(2018)/(2019)


Nominated for Business Excellence Award [Bradford Board of Trade] (2017)

“An individual that shows: Dedication to customer service, quality of product or service, innovation and creativity in business, consistent pre-sales and after sales customer service, proven business growth, outstanding business accomplishments, active involvement in the community and/or business associations, expertise in their industry”

Nominated for Home Based Business Award [Bradford Board of Trade] (2017)/(2018)/(2019)

“Individually owned and operated out of their home in Bradford, active involvement in the community and/or business associations, business is profitable and has a comprehensive business plan, shown innovation and creativity in business, potential for sustainability of future business growth, overcoming challenges”


WINNER for People’s Choice Award [Bradford Board of Trade] (2017)

“Individual shows principles and practices of excellence in customer service, going above and beyond expected service; friendly & helpful, value for money, product knowledge, after-sales service”

             WINNER for Readers’ Choice Award [Best Music Instruction] (2018)

“Publicly voted the best service/service people under Music Instruction in Bradford” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              WINNER for Youth Entrepreneur of the Year [Bradford Board of Trade] (2019)

“An individual who is 29 years of age or younger, demonstrated significant business achievement, defined goals and a business plan, overcome challenges and demonstrated good corporate citizenship, shows true innovations, and willingness to take risks.”